The Muppet Movement Profile: Jim Henson

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 Jim Henson
So many different words can describe Jim Henson and who he was. The two words that describe him best are creative and visionary. Jim was so much more than a Muppet performer;  he was an artist.

Here are some facts about this wonderful, talented, gentle giant:

Born: James Maury Henson on September 24th 1936, In Greenville MS. He would have been 81 years old as of the date this was written.
Died: March 16th 1990, at the age of 53 in New York City, NY.
Characters Preformed: (The Muppet Show & Films) Kermit the Frog, Rowlf the Dog, Dr.Teeth, The Swedish Chef, Link Hogthrob, The Muppet Newsman, and various others.
(Sesame Street) Kermit the Frog, Ernie, Guy Smiley, and various others.
(Fraggle Rock) Convincing John and Cantus the Minstrel

Produced: The Muppet Show (and various specials), The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Caper, The Muppets Take Manhattan, The Dark Crystal, Fraggle Rock, The Muppet Babies (cartoon), The Jim Henson Hour (and various specials), Labyrinth, and various other Muppet and non Muppet related TV specials.
Directed: The Great Muppet Caper, The Dark Crystal ( co-directed with Frank Oz) and Labyrinth, various Fraggle Rock episodes.
Notable Songs: Rainbow Connection, It’s Not Easy Being Green, and Rubber Ducky.
This is just a small look at the various works Jim had completed in his lifetime. However, a list like this does not really show what Jim has done for the world. Jim was able to take things that were abstract, and was able to share a message of peace, tolerance, and acceptance. That message, which we need now more then ever, was not presented with a finger pointing out ones faults, but rather embarrassing or faults and our differences
There is so much that this writer could say about Jim, but you, the reader, must discover the Magic that Jim gave the world. If you have never seen any of Jim’s work, use the list above as a guide. Perhaps you’re an avid fan of Jim’s work. Then we encourage you to take some time and re-visit some of Jim’s work. Because sometimes we forget how wonderful something is until we see it again.Jim_Henson-1


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I am a 34 year old Muppet, and Jim Henson fan. I have been a long time member of the online Muppet fan community. I have also done some interviews with people who have been involved with various Muppet, and Henson productions.

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