Muppet Vision 3D What is Next?(Update Video added)

Hello folks, Dwayne here from the Muppet Movement. I just wanted to post quickly about the latest news, and pictures that are floating around online regarding Walt Disney World’s Muppet Vision 3D. Below is how the original marquee looked when the attraction opened in 1991. maxresdefault

Recently, sevral Disney park bloggers have been reporting that the attraction has been getting some renovations as seen below. Jim-Hensons-MuppetVision-3D_Full_30417Jim-Hensons-MuppetVision-3D_Full_30428

With this new update there are now rumors that Disney and the Muppet Studios are working on an updated version of attraction, which in return would replace the original show. The original show is one of the last Muppet productions that Jim Henson worked on before his death in 1990.

Keep in mind that any rumors about a new show for Muppet Vision 3D is just that, a rumor. There has been nothing confirmed by Disney, or the Muppets. So anything that you may see or hear unless it comes directly from either source is simply not true.

I will be reaching out to both Disney and The Muppet Studios in the next few days, and will do my best to give an update as soon as I can.

EDIT: Here is the video that has the rumor of a new Muppet Vision 3D show. This same video blogger also “reported” that the Muppets where in pre-production of a new movie. Which was the bases of our True or False story.

Author: themuppetmovement

I am a 34 year old Muppet, and Jim Henson fan. I have been a long time member of the online Muppet fan community. I have also done some interviews with people who have been involved with various Muppet, and Henson productions.

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