What Do The Muppets Mean to You?

Several years ago on the Muppet Central forums , I started a conversation asking “What do The Muppets mean to you?”  That simple question brought out so many touching stories from fans all over the world. It’s simply amazing to hear how The Muppets have impacted so many people, and in so many different ways.

Today, we want to bring that conversation to this site, and hear what you the fans have to say. Please leave a comment below, and tell us “What do The Muppets Mean to You?”the-muppets-celebrate-jim-henson-02

Author: themuppetmovement

I am a 34 year old Muppet, and Jim Henson fan. I have been a long time member of the online Muppet fan community. I have also done some interviews with people who have been involved with various Muppet, and Henson productions.

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