Why Can’t We Be Friends? 

Unlike other Muppet fan sites, I try to stray away from political topics. However, the current events here in the United States are very troubling. So without getting political, or saying who is right or wrong. I’m going to share a song from the Muppets. Enjoy!

Fan Video: Muppets, Alive A Toy Story

Now for something fun, silly, and has nothing to do with the current issues with The Muppets. We recently recived an E-mail from one of our visitors named Philip DAmour. He and his wife made a very cute little video for their daughter who loves the Muppets! According to Phillip she loved the video, but was upset somone else was eating her cookies.

If you would like for us to share a video you have made please feel free to send itHere

We hope you enjoy the video as much as we do!

Thoughts on ‘Components of the Muppets’

In this several part series, we are going to take a closer look and discuss the in-depth meaning of the downloadable document on Muppet Performer Steve Whitmire’s blog called “Components of The Muppets”.

You can find Steve’s blog here

Each and every Muppet character consists of at least two differentiated and equal

components: a puppet, and a performer.”

Now this should be almost self explanatory, but this most basic of ideas on who, and what the Muppets are is of the up-most importance!

The general public did not know who Steve Whitmire was until the news of his firing from the Muppets broke last month. They also did not know that he had been Kermit The Frog’s performer for over 27 years. So when this news broke, it would be understandable for people to have the mindset of, “Oh well, he is just a voice actor, and anyone can do a good Kermit voice.”

Sadly, this mindset is not true at all because as any puppeteer at any level can tell you the voice is just a small part of what brings these characters to life. The character’s personality, their thoughts, movements and everything else comes from their performer. Each character has a little bit of their performer inside of them. They are almost one and the same; without one you don’t have the other, and vice-versa.

The simple thought that anyone can do a good Kermit voice may be true, but what about who Kermit The Frog really is? Now in a perfect world, Kermit’s original performer, and creator would still be bringing the world’s most famous frog to life. However, in 1990, Jim Henson suddenly passed away, but did select Steve Whitmire to take over performing responsibilities for Kermit. Steve has been preforming Kermit ever since, and slowly through time parts of Steve’s personality have become part of Kermit’s, but yet still staying true to Jim had created.

Why should this matter to fans of the Muppets?

The reason that fans of the Muppets should be aware of the reasoning of Steve’s dismissal is not because of Steve. It is about Kermit and all of the other characters he has ether created or inherited. Because in each one of these characters is a little bit of Steve, and that can not be easily replaced. A lot of the reasons we love Kermit is due to something Steve, or Jim have done with him to make him real. That is what separates The Muppets from cartoons, and other fictional characters. They are real, and not just because you can see or touch them, but because of what each individual performer puts into that character.

My hope for these posts is that it will shed some light on what Steve has been fighting for, and ultimately cost him his job. Because as Muppet fans this is something that we should all be concerned with.

An Open Letter To The Walt Disney company

Dear Walt Disney Company & The Muppet Studios,

As a dedicated fan of Jim Henson and The Muppets, it has come to my attention that their integrity maybe in jeopardy. In the last few months there have been countless news articles and blog posts about the termination of long time Muppet performer Steve Whitmire. Now I have heard both sides of this story, and I’ve also tried to look at this from every possible angle. In doing so, I have come to one conclusion: If Mr. Whitmire was in fact standing up for the integrity of the characteristics of The Muppets, then his thoughts should be heard, and at least considered. Your company has a long list of enduring characters, and the reason they have withheld the test of time is because of your protection. You now own The Muppets, and as a fan I have always had high hopes for what this could mean for them, but feel that things are coming up short.

So in conclusion, I would like to sincerely ask that you would protect the Muppets. Just like you have with so many other characters.


All the Best,

Dwayne Fletcher

Help Make Steve A Muppet Again

This has been a crazy, and emotional week for Muppet fans. At the beginning of this week we learned that long time Muppet performer Steve Whitmire would no longer be working with the Muppets. For those who may not know who Steve is, he has created and performed Rizzo the Rat, Bean Bunny, and Lips. In 1990 Steve took over performing duties for Kermit the Frog due to the untimely death of Jim Henson.

When this news broke many fans had many questions regarding what had happened, and more importantly was Steve well. A day after this news broke Steve started his very own blog, ‘Muppet Pundit’, which you can find here.

With this new information, fans get a small glimpse as to what Steve has been going through the last few months. As it would appear he has been in a battle with the owners of the Muppets The Walt Disney Company which bought the Muppets back in 2004.

In October of 2016 Steve received a phone call saying Kermit was going to be recast, and that another long time Muppet performer Matt Vogel would be taking his place. According to Steve, there where two unmentioned issues that Disney was having, and Steve was not allowed to have an opportunity to try and rectify the situation.

Now there are some fellow bloggers out there that will disagree with me, but I feel that as Muppet fans we cannot accept this! Steve was not just performing Kermit, but he was also trying to protect the Muppets and Jim’s legacy and vision. Now it is true that we do not know all of the reasons for Steve being let go, but if it is because he was trying to protect the Muppets and their integrity then us Muppet fans must take a stand!

As of right now, there is one way fans can take that stand. There is an online petition, and it is growing fast. You can find the petition here.

I would personally like to ask everyone to please sign this petition. Let’s let Disney know that we not only care about the Muppet characters, but also the people who work with them. Together we can make a difference!

It’s Time To Get Things Started At the Jim Henson Company

Hello Movement fans! Today we have a lot of news to share, and it’s all about up-coming productions from The Jim Henson Company. The two productions we will be talking about have been in the works for quite some time, but there are finally some big announcements and we would like to share them.T

The Happytime Murders


The Happy Times Murder is a film that the Jim Henson Company has been trying to get under production since 2008. This R rated mystery comedy that will be set in the “underbelly” of Los Angeles will star both puppets and humans. Comedian Melissa McCarthy has signed on to star in the film which is set to begin production in August.

For more information you can click Here

The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance


This is another production that has been in development for quite some time, and we finally have some great news for this very beloved franchise.

The online streaming movie and television company Netflix has ordered A 10 episode series that will also being filming sometime this year. You can view the trailer here:

As you can see from the video this series will combine puppetry and “stunning” visual effects to bring this new world alive.

If you would also like to find out more information about this release you can click Here

If any more further developments come available, we will share them with you!

What are your thoughts on these two highly anticipated productions? Please leave your comments below, we would love to hear from you!

What Do The Muppets Mean to You?

Several years ago on the Muppet Central forums , I started a conversation asking “What do The Muppets mean to you?”  That simple question brought out so many touching stories from fans all over the world. It’s simply amazing to hear how The Muppets have impacted so many people, and in so many different ways.

Today, we want to bring that conversation to this site, and hear what you the fans have to say. Please leave a comment below, and tell us “What do The Muppets Mean to You?”the-muppets-celebrate-jim-henson-02

Muppet Vision 3D What is Next?(Update Video added)

Hello folks, Dwayne here from the Muppet Movement. I just wanted to post quickly about the latest news, and pictures that are floating around online regarding Walt Disney World’s Muppet Vision 3D. Below is how the original marquee looked when the attraction opened in 1991. maxresdefault

Recently, sevral Disney park bloggers have been reporting that the attraction has been getting some renovations as seen below. Jim-Hensons-MuppetVision-3D_Full_30417Jim-Hensons-MuppetVision-3D_Full_30428

With this new update there are now rumors that Disney and the Muppet Studios are working on an updated version of attraction, which in return would replace the original show. The original show is one of the last Muppet productions that Jim Henson worked on before his death in 1990.

Keep in mind that any rumors about a new show for Muppet Vision 3D is just that, a rumor. There has been nothing confirmed by Disney, or the Muppets. So anything that you may see or hear unless it comes directly from either source is simply not true.

I will be reaching out to both Disney and The Muppet Studios in the next few days, and will do my best to give an update as soon as I can.

EDIT: Here is the video that has the rumor of a new Muppet Vision 3D show. This same video blogger also “reported” that the Muppets where in pre-production of a new movie. Which was the bases of our True or False story.

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